Level 2: You’re Open for Business

Level 2: You’re Open for Business


Level 2 means you are open for business and ready to start helping others. You’re ready to take the first steps to building your coaching business and start earning income.  As a level 2 coach you will be working toward achieving Success Club 5 (SC5) and your first rank advancement as an Emerald Coach

Achieving Emerald status and Success Club 5 are the first steps to becoming a business builder and will put you on the road to advancing to Level 3, Diamond rank, where the real fun and traction begin. If you follow the simple steps on this sheet, you can achieve both SC and Emerald within one month.




Watch the following videos to learn about Success Club and your first rank advancement.

    1. What is Success Club and the Benefits.
    2. What is Emerald status and what are the benefits?
    3. If you have a spouse, why it’s the best business decision to sign up your spouse. http://youtu.be/f6ehXG72yNI

To recap, an Emerald coach is active, has met the personal 50 personal volume requirement, and has 1 personally sponsored active coach (or higher) on his right and left legs. To reach SC5, you just have to have helped 3 people get started on their fitness journey with a challenge pack. (That would put you at SC 6 for the month!)



LEVEL 2 ACTION PLAN: Achieving Success Club 5 (SC5) and Emerald Status in the next calendar month.


Note: If you’re a brand new coach, when you hit SC5 in your first 3 consecutive months as a coach, you earn your FREE ticket to SUMMIT worth $300 AND you bypass the wait list!!


Here are the STEPS that you will follow in your first month or until you reach Emerald Status. This is totally doable in 30 days time if you follow the plan:


Week 1:

    1. Review and understand the requirements above for achieving Success Club and Emerald rank.
    2. Start using the provided Social Media Guidelines the right way IMMEDIATELY. Download and print Social Media Content Guidelines.
    3. Promote and run a free 5-day clean eating group. 5-Day Free Group How To

When you click on the links above, you will receive very clear instructions on how to do the above.

At this point, if you have done all the above, you are ready to enter a LEVEL 2 TRAINING GROUP. This is where you will be able to interact with other like-minded people ready to do the work it takes to grow your business. You can also choose to follow this on your own, although we highly recommend being part of a group. Speak to your sponsor or upline Diamond coach about joining a level 2 group. Remember: You must be active on Shakeology home direct to participate.


Weeks 2-4:

  1. team-pic-dinnerCreate a list of 15-20 people you would love to help or work with and next to each name, list why you think they would benefit from being a coach or from the products. Send your list to your sponsor who can help you figure out the best way to approach them. Use the memory jogger to add more people to your list.
  2. Now is the time to start tracking your activity and keeping track of your contacts. Watch the video on implementing the activity tracker called The Power of 3’s (P3’s) and print out 4 copies which you will need for the month.
    1. Watch this: Power of 3’s Explained
    2. Download P3’s PDF  or P3’s Excel Version.
    3. Make sure you are tracking your contacts’ information and make notes of when to follow up.
  3. Promote and invite to 30-Day Challenge group. We cannot stress enough the important of using scripts. Be sure to take the time to really study and practice them. In the Level 2 group training, you will have ample opportunity to receive feedback on how you are using the scripts. Engage!

Note: Ask your sponsor if he or she is running a Level 2 Training group. If they are not, you are welcome to follow the following Level 2 Training Group Template:


REWARD FOR ACHIEVING EMERALD: _____________________ (Ask your sponsoring coach)


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