Level 3: Ready for Diamond

Level 3: Ready for Diamond




It’s time to up your game! In order to reach Diamond, you will have to be very consistent in your daily method of operation. Talking to a few people here and there just won’t cut it if your goal is Diamond. It is absolutely necessary that you become disciplined, intentional, and focused. Without these behaviors you will flounder. The Power of 5 system, which is an accelerated version of the Power of 3’s, along with our laser-focused boot camp will demand these behaviors from you so you can grow your team. Are you ready to create a new future?!



  1. Truly understand what the requirements are to be diamond and print out diamond chart. A diamond coach is active, has a minimum of 100 personal volume, and has one (1) personally sponsored emerald (or higher rank) on his left and right legs, plus 3 additional active coaches on his left and right legs.
  2. Begin tracking your daily activity using P5 form.
  3. If your Diamond upline coach chooses to participate in the Level 3 training, he or she will invite you into the Diamond Training 21-Day Group once you’re Emerald. Additionally, to participate in the training, you commit to the following:
    • Posting P5 form weekly or reporting all your numbers weekly.
    • Sponsoring 2 new coaches and achieving SC5 in during current Diamond group.

This group will:

  1. Include Weekly Zoom call (45-60 minutes)
  2. Include secret FB group
  3. Give feedback on P5 numbers
  4. Help with whatever the group needs:
    • Facebook pages
    • Posturing yourself as a leader
    • Conversations with prospects

Note:  To continue in the mentorship group the following month, you must sponsor at least 2 coaches and achieve SC5. This is non-negotiable. If you don’t meet requirements to continue the following month, you will be removed from the group. To be re-added the month after, you must have sponsored 1 new PS coaches and achieved SC 5 the previous month.

Disclaimer: Contact your sponsor and upline Diamond coach to see if they are holding their own 21-Day Diamond Level 3 training. If they are not, you are welcome to follow the Level 3 Training Group Template on your own. We encourage you to pair up with other coaches and start your own group.


Ask your sponsor if there is any reward for achieving Diamond. This will vary from sponsor to sponsor.  

If you achieve Diamond in your first 90 Days as a coach and hold your rank for 6 weeks you’ll win ________________.

If you achieve Diamond for the first time and hold your rank for 6 weeks, you win ___________________.
DIAMOND RETREAT: Barbie and Rochelle are offering an Diamond Retreat exclusively for our personally sponsored coaches. During these four (4) days, we will have the opportunity for team bonding, as well as hold expert training on social media and leadership skills to help take your business to the next level in 2016!!

To qualify you must have maintained your diamond rank for 6 weeks and still be diamond on December 31st, 2015.

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