New Coaches Start Here

New Coaches Start Here


Whether you’re a brand new coach or have been a coach for a while, this document is your GATEWAY to SUCCESS. We have created a SIMPLE–and we really mean SIMPLE–123 training system to help coaches get their business off the ground and booming.

Make yourself one promise: RESIST EVERY TEMPTATION TO OVER-COMPLICATE THIS VERY SIMPLE SYSTEM THAT QUITE SIMPLY WORKS! Follow the steps outlined and you will see success!



First things, first. Reach out to your sponsoring coach, the person who brought you into the business. Ask him/her to conduct a Getting Started Right call. If for whatever reason, your sponsor is not engaged in the business, no worries, refer to the Freedom Document and you can guide yourself through it. Also remember that you are part of a larger team, THE EMPIRE, and that ALL of our resources are available to you. Ultimately, however, success is 100% up to you. You have everything you need right here to succeed.





We all start at level 1, as a raving fan or newbie to Beachbody products. The question is, are you ready to move to levels 2 and 3?


  • “I’m a 1–A Raving Fan or Just Getting Started.” You are active on Shakeology home direct and/or are using Beachbody fitness programs and/or products. This is where everyone’s journey begins, whether you just want to enjoy the benefits of the discounts or make Beachbody your full-time income. Where you want to go from here is up to you. If you simply want to continue using the products at a discounted rate and treat coaching as a hobby, that’s perfectly okay! When your sponsor asks what level you’re currently at, just say, “I’m currently a 1!” You can change your mind any time!
  • “I’m a 2–I’m ready to open my business and start helping others!” You are active on Shakeology and you’re ready to take the first steps to building your coaching business and start earning income.  As a level 2 coach you will be working toward achieving Success Club 5 (SC5) and your first rank advancement as an Emerald Coach.


Achieving Emerald status and Success Club 5 are the first steps to becoming a business builder and will put you on the road to advancing to Level 3, Diamond rank, where the real fun and traction begin. If you follow the simple steps outlined here, you can achieve both SC and Emerald within one month.


Watch the following videos to learn about Success Club and your first rank advancement.

  1. Success Club and the Benefits.
  2. What is Emerald status and what are the benefits?
  3. If you have a spouse, why it’s the best business decision to sign up your spouse.


To recap, an Emerald coach is active, has met the personal 50 personal volume requirement, and has 1 personally sponsored active coach (or higher) on his right and left legs. To reach SC5, you just have to have helped 3 people get started on their fitness journey with a challenge pack. (That would put you at SC 6 for the month!)



Ready to reach this first milestone in your business and take ACTION?! Go to the Level 2 Tab. The instructions will provide you with a clear, step-by-step action plan to achieve Emerald and SC5 within 30 days.




  • “I’m a 3– Ready to create a lifestyle of freedom and choice!” As a Level 3 coach your next step is to reach the rank of a Diamond Coach. Being Diamond means that you are ready to build a solid foundation for your future. Becoming Diamond is the stepping stone to such milestones as replacing your full time income, paying off your debt, building a house, leaving a legacy of financial freedom for your children, or helping your aging parents. What is YOUR dream? The road to freedom truly starts at Diamond.

Are you committed to moving to Level 3?

Are you committing to staying consistent?

Are you committed to working hard so you can create the life you want?


Watch this video:Diamond is the Gateway to Freedom


So: what does it take to become a Diamond Coach?

A diamond coach is active, has a minimum of 100 personal volume, and has one (1) personally sponsored emerald (or higher rank) on his left and right legs, plus 3 additional active coaches on his left and right legs.


If that sounded confusing, it’s really not! If you’re currently at a Level 2 as an Emerald coach, sponsor just 3 to 4 coaches per month and help two of your coaches (one on each leg to reach emerald) and you’ll advance to Diamond rank. Even if you’re starting today at a Level 1, this is achievable in 90 days or less! You set the pace! Building from your diamond rank will put you on the path to creating the lifestyle you seek!

If you are ready to move to Level 3 to become a Diamond coach, making this year the year you change your life, take massive action right now by following the instructions included.



Stop here and decide: What Level Are You? If you’re a brand new coach, are you ready to take it to level 2 and eventually to a 3? Or are you happy with being a discount coach for now? If  you’re an emerald coach, are you ready for the next level, Level 3?

  1. I’m a 1. I just want to continue focusing on my fitness for now.  ______
  2. I’m a 2. I’m ready to open my business. I am ready to work toward achieving Success Club 5 and advancing to Emerald. ____
  3. I’m a 3. I am an Emerald Coach and ready to work toward Diamond! ____


If you’re a level 2 or 3, proceed to the appropriate tab on our website and get in contact with your sponsor! Let’s turn it up a notch!

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