Frequently Asked Questions

I am not at my ideal weight or fitness level yet.

You don’t have to be at your ideal weight or fitness level. It could even be better that you are going through the process. First, it will help hold you accountable! Secondly, as you go through your transformation, people will begin to take notice and ask you about what you are doing to lose weight and get in shape. This presents a perfect opportunity for you to share about Beachbody products and/or the coaching opportunity.


One coach wrote: “I used to think that way, too. In fact I was about 20 pounds over my ideal weight when I started with Beachbody. What I discovered is that people could see the bigger picture when I explained to them that I am committed to getting in the best shape of my life, and that I am part of a large community of like-minded individuals who are all going through the same thing.”

Is this one of those pyramid things?

This is one of the most common concerns. Beachbody is a well-established infomercial company that has been around for 11 years. In 2006, it earned $139 million dollars in revenue and in 2008, that number more than doubled to $300 million. In 2014, Beachbody earned over 1 Billion dollars in revenue and that number is only projected to grow. Moreover, Beachbody spends over $100 MILLION dollars in advertising each year, which currently generates about 75,000 PAYING customers each WEEK! That’s 3 million transactions annually. This is great news for coaches. Beachbody started the new Team Beachbody network marketing division because they wanted their customers to get a free Coach to help them with their health and fitness goals – and they give these paying customers to us! So, just like the other 255,000 coaches who are part of Team Beachbody, I am sure you can see that this is a legitimate home-based business that you can be proud to be associated with.

How do I earn income as a Beachbody Coach?

There are several very detailed ways of earning income and the many ways to really make a significant income. But in general, here are the basics:

• Any sales to customers of products from your website or directly from yourself- 25% commission (no rank or quota needed! You sell it, you make it- period!)

• Customers who join the CLUB MEMBERSHIP- you earn 50% of their quarterly membership dues

• Personally sponsored Coaches who are in the CLUB MEMBERSHIP earn you 50% commission

•Your Downline TEAM CYCLE BONUSES can pay out when you bank a certain amount of points.

• ADDITIONALLY- Your Personally Sponsored Coaches Check Matching Bonus! You earn a % of your PS Coach’s TEAM CYCLE BONUSES.

• Customers in the Club Membership- you receive 15% commission on any of their purchases


As a Beachbody Coach, you get a 25% discount on any item you personally want to purchase as well!

I don’t like to sell.

Most of us feel the same way! We don’t like to sell and the good news is that we don’t sell! Being a coach is about sharing information with others, in regard to both the fitness & nutrition products and the business opportunity. If you notice, the person who invited you to visit this website simply provided you with a link to the information on this site. You are the one who will decide if this business opportunity is right for you or not. We will not push or try to sell you on this business.


Talking to people about what Beachbody has to offer is kind of like going to a movie or a restaurant, and then sharing the good or bad information regarding your experience with your family and friends. Do you feel like you are SELLING your family or friends when you tell them you had a great meal at a restaurant or saw a really good movie? Of course not! It’s the same way with this business. You are just sharing some information with others about what Beachbody has done for you; it’s up to them to decide what to do with that information.

Our town is too small for me to succeed. Ten or fifteen years ago that could have been a problem however, with the advent of the Internet you have the whole world at your fingertips. Plus, network-marketing experts have noted that the typical person knows over 1,000 people. Most people have friends, acquaintances, and relatives all over the country. Plus, when you join with our team we will teach you how to do different types of marketing to generate your own leads. As a Beachbody coach, you may be in business for yourself, but you are not in business by yourself. You will be part of a team who will help you reach your fitness and financial goals.

I don’t have the time to do this.

You can start in as little as 5 – 10 hours a week, and the great thing about network marketing is that you are leveraging other people’s time. How much time do you spend watching TV or doing other activities? We can show you how to use time-management skills, and you’ll discover that you actually do have time for this.

I can’t afford to join right now. There is no risk in checking things out for the first 30 days. If you put in a little effort you could have your start-up costs paid for before your 30 days are up and maybe even make some money. In truth, you can’t afford NOT to join. We are still on the ground floor of this business. We understand that it can be tough for some people to come up with $100 to get started as an Independent Beachbody coach. Many of our coaches realized that they were able to find ways to cut back on expenses such as movies, eating out, cable, and other things for a couple months until they started making some money. Cutting back on these expenses now could open the door to a secure financial future. Also, if you put in a little effort, and a couple of the coaches who sign up under you purchase a Showcase Pack or a Challenge Pack, you could get your startup costs paid for in your first 30 days.

How can I fit this in my daily life? I’m already way too busy!

If you are involved in fitness already, this will be MUCH easier for you! This will be natural and follow what you normally do already!  Opportunity always presents itself, now you’ll just have a way of earning commissions on the programs you’ve already been suggesting. The extent to which you develop your team is up to each individual. You can be very proactive to create a long downline of Coaches and retail sales.  As someone involved in fitness, you’ll find yourself having the same conversations you would naturally when people ask you the many questions they often do about “getting fit” and losing weight.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel in your first 30 days, and be completely refunded the first months fees.  Thereafter, you can cancel at anytime and only be out, the amount of time you were in the business.  However, if you decide you want to rejoin, you will lose your seniority position and level you were once in the company as well as have to wait a 6 month period from cancellation before you can re-join.

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