The Power of 3–Tracking System

    Ok, team, I just met with some other top coaches and we discussed the importance of tracking and we all said how the BAT (business activity tracker) is so hard to use. So, as a team, we are going to adopt this VERY SIMPLE “Power of 3” tracking system. WHAT IS THE POWER OF 3? Do you feel unorganized in your business? Its is a SIMPLE way of tracking your daily activities and the people you talk to and need to follow up with. This system will also show you whether you are actually being effective in your business and connecting with people. Download the spreadsheet (IN FILES), print out copies and put in a binder. Each and every day your goal is to complete all the spaces. –Friend request / add 3 new people on FB –Message 3 people privately thru FB (non-BB related topics) –Invite 3 people to the challenge group –Follow up with 3 people –Talk to 3 people about coaching Use your daily Power Hour to complete the tasks and push your business forward! Please take some time to watch Annie Reid’s video on the Power of 3! She does a really good job explaining it....
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