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Shake and Shimmy Here is a breakdown of an example Shake and Shimmy party. This came from Coach Tommy Mygrant who, I believe, came up with the phrase Shake and Shimmy. THE TIME SETUP • 30 minutes of “Social/Meet and Greet time” • 1 hour of “shimmy time” • 30 minutes of “shake time” TIME BREAKDOWN Social/Meet and Greet time • This is just the meet and greet period. Have some music on (background music for intro to Beachbody works if you don’t have any). Have displays and healthy snacks out. Shimmy time • This is where we do the open. Have the host welcome their guests and introduce the speaker or whoever is helping. • The speaker introduces the video “Introducing Team Beachbody” by telling people what they are about to watch. • After the video, do testimonials. Try to pick one or two (maybe three) in the room (typically have them in mind after the meet and greet, once you know who’s there). • Then introduce the “100 Doctors Don’t Lie” video and tell them what they are going to watch. Let them know after it’s over the music will go back on, we’ll drink shakes, socialize, and have time to ask questions. • Show the “100 Doctors Don’t Lie” video Shake time • Put the music back on • Make the shakes • Answer questions • Have info available (trifolds and recipe cards) Example Timeline 1 – 1:30 Social/Meet and Greet 1:30 – 2:30 Shimmy Time 2:30 – 3:00 Shake Time SHIMMY TIPS • You preferably have a space for “social” and a space for “shimmy”....
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