If you can’t get your bodyfat tested to figure out your Resting Basal Metabolic Rate, that is, the minimum number of calories you need per day, you can use the free calculator on It’s not 100% accurate, but you should get an idea. After getting my bodyfat tested using the most effective underwater method, I discovered that I need 1541 calories at a minimum DAILY. I should NEVER go under this number, even on my rest days. So, once you discover your BMR, do not go under this number! Once you know your BMR, you can calculate the number of calories you need for maintenance by multiplying your BMR by the following activity factor. And this is all copyrighted, kids, from Tom Venuto’s book: Find out your approximate basal metabolic rate: Activity factor Sedentary = BMR X 1.2 (little or no exercise, desk job) Lightly active = BMR X 1.375 (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/wk) Moderately active= BMR X 1.55 =(moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/wk) Very Active BMR X 1.725= (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/wk) Extra Active= BMR X 1.9 (hard daily exercise/sports & physical job or 2 X day training, marathon, football camp, contest, etc.) Your Basal Metabolic Rate x 1.725 if you’re very active like me. That puts me at 2600 calories for maintenance. So, what this means is, I could eat this to maintain my body just as it is. I would not lose body fat or gain weight, as long as I remain very active. However, my goal is to decrease bodyfat. So If I create a deficit of 30%, I would need to... Read More


    Coaches weigh in and offer their tips on finding contacts and getting exposures: Facebook mostly. I am having some success at my new job so i hope i can multiply that to their friends/family. 2 hours ago via mobile · I go to find friends on FB and type any home town of my preference in Mexico (that ensures me they are Spanish Speaking) and current city in the US and send a friend request. My new contacts are coming from several FB groups in which I was added (professional, latino groups, etc) and by participating they see me comments, my picture and then we become interested, we engage and then we continue the one on one communication) Other contacts are coming from people that I’m helping (referrals). Also, I make my comments “public” and I get subscribers and then I review that and either they start making comments on my post, or I just engage and we start talking… 🙂  (I have 600+ friends who I actually know) and several indicated interest in a challenge. So I am exposing them and creating a little accountability group. I have posted my before and after pics and tag the program = thus it shows up on that wall This is something that I did a couple months ago just to make more potential contacts… I just went to my friends tab on FB and typed in my town and just started friending everyone that popped up.. I didn’t know ANY of them and only a couple questioned me on it and to those peeps I simply said Hi,... Read More

Getting to Emerald PLAN

    I’ve begun following this plan during our Getting Started Right training. This is helping my coaches advance to emerald asap. bankReaching EMERALD STATUS within your first month Why reach Emerald Status? But before we answer that, What is emerald status? What does it entail? WHAT IS EMERALD? You have two coaches that are ACTIVE (meaning, have 50PV or MORE in a 35 day period, preferably on Shakeology Autoship). One on your right and one on your left. Please reach out to your coach to help you with preferred placement!! This is very important. (NOTE: You must also be a Team BB Club Member to receive free customer leads.) How to set preferred placement The benefits of reaching Emerald Status: Free customer leads. These are folks who are ready to make a change!!! You never know who you’re going to get!!! You might get a future rock star coach. Become emerald as soon as possible and nurture your relationships with your customers! You can profit from team volume. What does this mean? As a an active coach (not emerald), you can only earn commissions. As an emerald coach, you can earn team cycle bonuses when people in your team sell products. Residual income is where the real income earning potential is. It’s not in individual sales. Watch this video on how to earn team cycle bonus: You can watch this one on rank advancement, too. You can start at minute 5 Let’s take an example: You sign up your husband on one leg and a friend on the other leg. You put 3 shakeologies... Read More

Brian Tracy Prioritizing Technique

    We are now going to be implementing a priority setting technique that Brian Tracy describes in his book, Eat That Frog. You may have already read his book. I’ve read it too, no worries. But I want you to examine your master list and label each of the items either A, B, C, D, E following these categories. You then place an A, B, C, D or E before each of the items on your list before you begin the first task. An “A” item is defined as something that is very important. This is something you must do. There would be serious consequences if this task was not completed. If you have more than one A task (and consider it carefully) then list them A1, A2 and so on. “Shoulds” versus “Musts” A “B” item is defined as a task that you should do. It only has mild consequences if not completed. These are the tadpoles of your work life. It may mean that someone will be unhappy or inconvenienced if you don’t do it, however it is nowhere near as important as an A task. The rule is that you should never do a B task if there is an A task left undone. A “C” task is defined as something that would be nice to do but for which there are no consequences at all. A “D” task is one that can be delegated to someone else. The rule is that you should delegate everything that anyone else can do, so you can free up your time for your “A” tasks that only you... Read More


  By Barbie Kalev on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 1:18pm Signing up coaches is definitely a process and takes time. You don’t want to sign up just anyone, but those who are passionate about Beachbody products and have all of the qualities that it takes to succeed. One of the great things about the Challenge Group process is that you will be able to discover those who have the qualities it takes to become a successful Beachbody Coach because they will be the ones posting every day, getting results, and are very positive and supportive of the other group members. Once you find those type of people, you are going to want to approach them about becoming a coach on your team. Challenge Group Member to Coach Message: “Hey _________! Since you’ve started your Challenge Group, I’m unbelievably impressed with how supportive you’ve been to the other members, the results you’ve gotten, and how committed you’ve been to the workouts and diet. Because of that, I want to talk to you about joining up as a coach on my team. You have all the qualities it takes to become successful, and that’s why I want you on my team! I’d like to set up a call to talk to you more about it. I have _________ at ________ open. Let me know if that works ASAP as my schedule fills up VERY quickly!” This is the message that I use, and as you notice, I make it sound like a privilege for them to be joining my team, which it is, and I also don’t give them any... Read More

Jenelle Summers Tips For New Coaches

  GETTING YOUR COACHES STARTED RIGHT Get their email address (sometimes it’s different from what they provide to Beachbody) Send them the “welcome” email Send them the “getting started right” email and schedule a time in this email for a “first coach call” First Coach Call: Success stories (Beachbody Coaches) Expectations Explain the training you are going to get them set up with Schedule a follow up call Follow up call Success Club (what it’s all about and the importance of it) Starting their first Fitness Challenge Get them set up with Coach Basics Training Push to Diamond Group Club 52K (averaging 1,000k per week) ***Create an “All About Me Form” and send it to your coach before you go through all of the above as a way to help you really get to know them and help them achieve success! ***In between steps 4 & 5 send them an email with these tips: Importance of Personal Development Work from a list of contacts Tracking system (BAT or whatever you chose to create) Work out Eat right Genuinely caring about people Learning tips and applying them Attend events Listen to the weekly national and team calls TO DO’S Daily- Add 3 new friends or followers and engage with them Daily- Contact at least 3 people from your contact list and engage with them Daily- Post engaging content at least 3 times per day…stay social and engaged! 3 times per week- Post about your upcoming Challenge Groups or your results or results of your customers Message at least 3 people a day who have ever expressed interest in hearing about... Read More

Protected: Updated AMBER SCOTT SCRIPT

    Watch this video on how to use these: before you try and use it! You can also listen to how to use this on the call I did on this with Julie’s team: For the love of god do NOT copy and paste directly, learn how to use them and write yours modeled after these. You know I can’t spell, so if you copy and paste you might look like an idiot 😉 Message 1: Thank them for reaching out, ask why they are interested in hearing about your journey / getting help Message 2: Thank them for answering, relate to them and explain what you think would be best for you two to discuss and why. Is it a challenge group because of motivation and support? Fitness and nutrition because they are struggling? Message 3: Give details of the thing you recommended Message 4: Ask questions about them so you can make a recommendation! Message 5: Give details about what it is that would help them, again reiterate why. Message 6: Handle cost questions if they come up Message 7: Steps to join or free group _______________________________________________________________ (1) Hi Jane! Thank you so much for reaching out, I am so glad to hear from you and I’d love to help / share my story with you / tell you more. Can I ask what made you want to reach out today? Excited to learn about you! TTYS (2) Awesome, thank you so much for sharing all that with me. It makes it so much easier for me to help when people are open. If you’d... Read More

EARN $900 in 3 months

      Here is an example on how you can earn over $900 in your first (3) months of Coaching with Challenge Packs: Sell (3) Challenge Packs per month. For example, the Focus T25 Challenge Pack earns you $70 in commissions! Month 1: $70.00 x 3 Challenge Packs = $210.00 TOTAL COMMISSION: $210.00 Month 2: $70.00 x 3 Challenge Packs = $210.00 $32.48 x 3 Shakeology HD = $97.44 TOTAL COMMISSION: $307.44 *Remember, since the previous Challenge Packs you sold in month one come with Shakeology HD, you’ll receive a residual income on those month after month! Month 3: $70.00 x 3 Challenge Packs = $210.00 $32.48 x 6 Shakeology HD = $194.88 TOTAL COMMISSIONS: $404.88 *Remember, since the previous Challenge Packs you sold in month one and two come with Shakeology HD, you’ll receive a residual income on those month after month! Month 1 Commissions: $210.00 + Month 2 Commissions: $307.44 + Month 3 Commissions: $404.88 TOTAL COMMISSIONS IN THREE MONTHS: $922.32 There is nothing more motivating to cover your costs and get your monthly Shakeology HD paid for, plus any new programs or gear you want to buy. From there, continue to create financial milestones to grow your... Read More

Shakeology Testimonials

    Please contribute to this document. You can use this for your own business! Do you have a Shakeology testimonial to share? Has Shakeology changed your life in some way? Please share in this document. Write your full name and age, too. How has Shakeology changed your health? life? Tell us below. Dont forget to add your full name and age. Thank you! I’m Leslie Ambrose, 35 years old. I have struggled with high cholesterol since I was in my early 20’s. I was told it was genetic since my maternal grandfather had 5 bypass surgeries (when he was in his early 70’s) and then died of a stroke (at age 82). My mom and sister were both on meds for high cholesterol, and they were not big, unhealthy people. In fact, at the time I was diagnosed, I was heaviest of us 3 (and I’m also the shortest). I was never obese…my highest weight ever was 133 (lowest was 103…my happy and healthy weight is around 108). I worked out on and off since I was in college. Anyway, after about 10 years on Lipitor, I heard about Shakeology and decided to give it a whirl. I came off Lipitor but didn’t start on Shakeology right away (not until a year later) due to some unforeseen life roadblocks. After being off Lipitor for a year, my overall cholesterol was 229, and my triglycerides were 159. After just three months on Shakeology (not even working out consistently or losing weight), my overall cholesterol had dropped to 187 and my triglycerides to 82. No joke! I’ll never go... Read More

Protected: TWITTER 101:

  First- Create a twitter account! Start building content that you want to put out there. You can get great ideas on Pinterest! Now, start tweeting! Ok. Now, that you are tweeting—> Start here to learn how to engage with people: Get your thoughts into where do the people that you want to interact with go? Ex) Where do overweight people go? What tools do people interested in fitness use? What local restaurants or parks or venues would you find those type of people that attend? What tools do they use? Who do they follow? What books do they read? What authors do they follow? Search for them in the “magnifine glass” looking search at the top of the screen. You can search a word as a hashtag, and it will bring people up that randomly post about the topics, OR you can actually click the actual link of the page and follow it. EX of things to search or look for: Paleo Bob Harper Jillian Michaels Cean Eating Recipes Spinning CrossFit Livestrong myfitnesspal Spark people Jenny Craig Weight watchers Biggest loser Chalene Johnson Rev abs Brett hoebel etc…..etc….the list is INFINITE on twitter. Just stretch your mind to think of topics that interest you and or the market of the people that you are following! Scroll really far down in each account of followers to find fresh people. Go to each of these (and think of a few more!) and “follow” the main site. Once you do, then click the profile of the site. You will see a thing that says : following and a number of like... Read More

Denise’s Biz Opp Post-Survey Script Denise’s Biz Opp – Post Survey Script On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to get started??? 1-3 : not sure 4-6 : maybe 7-8 : I might be 9-10 : I’m ready to do whatever it takes! __________ Great! I’m going to ask you a series of questions to help us determine if you’re a good fit, and to be able to give you the correct info. Does that sound ok? __________ Ok great… Please complete this survey. Message me after you complete it, deal? __________ I just want to say thank you so much for answering my survey questions open and honestly. It really made it easier for me to get to know you and visualize how coaching can work for you. Before we move forward, I have a question for you… In order to succeed with coaching, you will have to follow directions, work diligently, and be open to new experiences. Are you willing to do that? ____________ Great! If I share an audio with you that shares more about what coaching can do for you, will you listen to it? _____________ Perfect! This is an audio recording by Eric Worre. Eric is a network marketing professional. As coaches, we all strive to become Network Marketing professionals, got it?? I had the awesome privilege of listening to Eric speak LIVE at Beachbody’s Summit this year. You will learn SO much by listening to this. When can you for sure listen to it? (Keep clicking on any options that lead you to download it!) ___________ *Confirm time* So if I... Read More

How to Hit Success Club in the last 72 hours–Amber Scott Call

        My notes: Coaches go to into two modes at the end of the month: —excuse mode or —they have to hit the points and they get desperate and gross. You can avoid those two and still hit your goal. TIPS: CURRENT CONTACTS THAT YOU’VE BEEN TALKING TO: —People panic and dont realize who they have as contacts. Write down the first name of the contact they have been talking to. Write next to the name: challenge pack or shakeology hd. And write down the number of points they would have if they bought. This changes the mindset. Contact them. Don’t contact them in PASSIVE WAY. You can’t afford that luxury. Contact them with a commitment level that you haven’t had before. “Hey can we talk tonite at 5pm?” Don’t make it general. Get commitment. LOOK AT YOUR CURRENT CONTACT BASE, people that you haven’t talked to in a while. “Hey, just checking in. How are you doing?” Subject: Is everything going well with your fitness? “Would you like to talk? Is there anything I can do to help?” they might be ready to act now. Follow up with everyone that you have ever talked to. Don’t just look at the current communication. You can go back a year. “Hey, you know what? I know it’s been a while, but I thought of you today.” You have no idea where they are in their life. Go back wayyyy back. Keep all your emails on FB. WITH NEW CONACTS, shift the way you speak to create more urgency. Speak to the benefits of the challenge. Not everyone... Read More

Copy of Free Challenge Group Invites

    Invitation to Free Challenge Groups (30 Day Squat Challenge, 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge, 7 Day Sugar Free Challenge, 30 Day Plank Challenge etc.) **Invite NEW contacts from your fan page, e-mail list, free customers, people who said no to challenge groups (Post to your FB page, Instagram feed, twitter etc. as well)** Invite to e-mail or message: Hi _________, I’m starting a free (7 Day/30 Day) Clean Eating Challenge on Monday! It’s nearing the end of January and I need a bit of extra motivation, so I figured others might need it too. If you’re interested, just click on the link and request to join! I’ll add you tonight! **Make sure you’re in the group EVERY DAY to comment, like and engage** For 30 Day Challenge: Day 1: Post a video in the group encouraging participation and some healthy living tips. Day 7: Post a photo montage of your fitness journey Week 2: Send a message to each group participant asking what their fitness goals are. This conversation opens the door to either a challenge group or coaching invite. Goals Message: I love your participation in the group, you’re doing great!! I’d love to hear a bit more about what your goals are over the next 3 weeks, and your fitness journey so far! Talk soon, Rosa Challenge invite: You’ve got some fantastic goals!! I don’t know if you’ve seen my posts about the challenge groups I host, but I think you’re a perfect candidate!! Can I send you some information?? (Amber Scott Script after that) Coaching invite: Thanks so much for sharing!! Congratulations on... Read More
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