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About The Empire



Thank you for visiting the Empire’s Team Training Website. Our team’s mission is to empower others to achieve their full potential through service, support, and leadership. If you’re a coach on the Empire, you will find all the tools you need to succeed. Make sure to reach out to your sponsor and to remain plugged in to the team’s trainings. We have created a truly simple 123 system to help you succeed. If you’re considering becoming a coach, we invite you to view the business opportunity webinar on the Home page and get in touch with the person who invited you. And if you’re an existing coach on another team, we have made available many of our resources. Feel free to use them to grow your business!

My hope in telling my story and writing the History of the Empire is to demonstrate that anyone as a Beachbody Coach has the ability to construct the life they perhaps had not dared to dream of or even knew was possible. My story is just one. There are tens of thousands of us who are transforming lives, our own and others’, every single day.

People from our team come to coaching from all walks of life. We are made up of stay at home moms and dads, doctors, lawyers, retired & active military, hair stylists, dental hygenists, orthodontists, therapists, waitresses, shop clerks, the unemployed. See, it’s not what we do professionally that determines our success. Rather, it’s who we are at the core–our drive– and who we are willing to become. The beauty of our profession is that it levels the playing field. Someone with no education has the same chance to succeed as does a doctor. What we do with this incredible opportunity is up to us.

What distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful coaches is their drive, perseverance, belief and their commitment. Are you willing to follow the system and do what it takes to create a better life for yourself?

Dare to dream. Then make it happen.

A little about myself: I stumbled upon the Team Beachbody message boards in August 2007, shortly after beginning my first program: Slim in 6. The sense of community I found on the forums was incredible. The satisfaction I felt from helping others with their meal plans and providing daily support was immeasurable! It was those feelings that convinced me to become a coach, despite my initial fear of getting involved in some kind of pyramid scheme. Yes, I was one of those folks. Despite my initial fear, I took a leap of faith and became a Beachbody coach. I focused on the activity of helping myself and others get fit, again, never thinking that I had just been presented with an opportunity to build a business.

During my first two years as a coach, I would sponsor coaches by appealing to their desire to help others, while telling them that there was little financial reward to be had. Josh Spencer, Top Coach of the Year for 2010, was one of them. He became a coach in 2008 despite my insistence that there wasn’t any real money to be made, but that the satisfaction of helping others was, again, immeasurable. He, too, never became a coach for the money, yet today has transformed his life physically and financially. He is enjoying financial freedom and is one of the top leaders in the company with thousands of coaches and many strong leaders on his team. There are hundreds of success stories like his and mine. Today there are almost 20,000 coaches on our team and we are continually growing.

Our team started out humbly and has grown to be one of the most successful teams in the entire Beachbody network. There are hundreds of diamond and star diamond coaches on our team, many making well into six figures, including four millionaire club members. There are many others who are working their Beachbody business as a way to earn a second income that allows them to pay for vacations, car payments, or even have some extra play money. What you do with this business is entirely up to you and we will guide you to help make it happen.

Success does not happen overnight. It is the result of persistence, faith, the ability & willingness to reexamine your beliefs and to change. If you are a coach on our team, know that you are part of an amazing Empire whose core value is to help others live healthy and fulfilling lives. If you’re considering joining the team, you’d be joining a team with values, integrity, and who truly cares about helping other people and paying it forward.

The leaders of our team have proven time and again that success as a Team Beachbody coach is a reality that is achievable through hard work and persistence.

Dare to dream. Then make it happen. It really is up to you.

Barbie Kalev




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