Success Club Tips

How to Hit Success Club in the last 72 hours–Amber Scott Call

        My notes: Coaches go to into two modes at the end of the month: —excuse mode or —they have to hit the points and they get desperate and gross. You can avoid those two and still hit your goal. TIPS: CURRENT CONTACTS THAT YOU’VE BEEN TALKING TO: —People panic and dont realize who they have as contacts. Write down the first name of the contact they have been talking to. Write next to the name: challenge pack or shakeology hd. And write down the number of points they would have if they bought. This changes the mindset. Contact them. Don’t contact them in PASSIVE WAY. You can’t afford that luxury. Contact them with a commitment level that you haven’t had before. “Hey can we talk tonite at 5pm?” Don’t make it general. Get commitment. LOOK AT YOUR CURRENT CONTACT BASE, people that you haven’t talked to in a while. “Hey, just checking in. How are you doing?” Subject: Is everything going well with your fitness? “Would you like to talk? Is there anything I can do to help?” they might be ready to act now. Follow up with everyone that you have ever talked to. Don’t just look at the current communication. You can go back a year. “Hey, you know what? I know it’s been a while, but I thought of you today.” You have no idea where they are in their life. Go back wayyyy back. Keep all your emails on FB. WITH NEW CONACTS, shift the way you speak to create more urgency. Speak to the benefits of the challenge. Not everyone...
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